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PTSI Transportation

Established in 1972, PTSI Transportation traces its deepest roots to the 1950 era consultancy of the late Carl R. Englund, Jr., who later served (as does his son Carl III) as a Senior Advisor to our firm.

In over forty years of service to the railway and transportation industry, PTSI Transportation has found its market niche in areas not well served by other consultancies. For the railway industry, these include customer and on board service, operations training tools, and management systems and standards. Railway passenger equipment (including appraisal and residual value optimization) has been a long-standing specialty. For the rail and bus transit field, customer service and operations training tools again, along with public-private interface, have become our major disciplines.

In the last decade, we have successfully built a bridge between the United Kingdom and the United States for railways and associated firms in both nations seeking to enlarge their knowledge of and market presence in the other.

We invite you to browse our web site and contact us if you have any questions or require any clarification or further information on any of our services or products.

Michael R. Weinman

Managing Director