The Route Learning System™

Route Learning – Safety - Security

What is the Route Learning System™

The Route Learning System™, an enhancement of our proven Linear Route Profile™, is a digital learning system used to teach the physical characteristics (territorial qualifications) of a railway (freight, passenger, or rail transit) to operating employees, railway or transit police, and external responders (police, fire, emergency medical, hazmat, DHS/TSA). It is also used for qualifying foreign line employees on your routes.

What is in the Learning System™

The learning system consists of a series of digital maps and charts (both hard copy and electronic) and a video of the railroad from the engineer’s/operator’s perspective. They may be viewed separately, or together on a computer screen (dual screen or split screen), taken home for personal study, or enlarged for classroom and control center use.

How Will My Company/Agency and My Employees Benefit From This?

The Route Learning System™ For Learning the Physical Characteristics of a Rail or Transit Line

Who Uses the Route Learning System™

The Belt Railway Company of Chicago, Caltrain (Amtrak/Union Pacific Peninsula Corridor), NJ Transit Newark City Subway, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, and it is in the Chicago Operating Rules Association CORA Guide to Chicago used by all railroads entering this national hub. Prototypes have been done for other railroads and rail transit agencies.


Map in Monitor.jpg

Monitor one shows the physical characteristics diagram as shown in the Route Learning System™

Video in Monitor.jpg

Monitor two shows the locomotive engineer's view as shown in the Route Learning System™ video