A New Training Tool

The Signal Learning System™

But they don’t know an Approach Diverging from a Diverging Approach, or an Advance Approach from a Medium Clear! And as we all know, books (and regulations) have been written on Restricted Speed – and it is still a difficult concept to grasp for a newcomer to the industry.

PTSI Transportation has announced development of a modular and inexpensive training tool for new hire train and engine crews. Many, if not most, of today’s conductors and engineers are recruited fresh from high school, college, the military, or unrelated industries. They are well versed in motor vehicle regulations and red, yellow and green traffic signals.

The Signal Learning System™ is based on the large-scale model railroad sections used to train signal maintainers, but ours will be oriented to teaching signals, signal progression, dispatcher control, restricted speed, and similar concepts to new hires in the Transportation Department. It can be easily modified for GCOR, NORAC, and other rule books and signal indications through the use of a robust, easy-to-set-up section of track (about ten to twenty feet in length) with either push-type operation or a set of operating locomotive and cars, as well as numerous signal blocks and control types (e.g. CTC, ABS, Interlockings) shown. A broken rail will be easy to simulate, and the real-world reasons for banner testing or shunt testing can be illustrated on this short demonstration railroad.

Derails, fouling points, and the difference between dispatcher control and field indications can easily be taught. The demonstration railroad will be easily transported from location to location, for use by multiple divisions, multiple short lines, or training centers. The locomotives used will be programmed with “momentum” so that they roll to a realistic stop, to illustrate overshooting a signal, work limits, or a restricted speed impediment. Not a toy or a game, this product is being developed by senior railroad operating and engineering personnel with hundreds of years of operational and training experience. It is from the same team which produces The Route Learning System™ for physical characteristics and territorial qualification and training.

We solicit your thoughts, comments and interest in this product. Likewise, we would be happy to get your input into local or specific training needs. Please contact us at the e-mail address on the bottom of this page.