What We Do

Customer Service

  • Customer-Friendliness Audits and Mystery Shopping
  • On Board Service
    • Increasing Revenue and Satisfaction
    • Applying Best-in-Class Train Catering Methodology
    • Affiliation with On Board Solutions (UK) for highest quality train catering applications

Railcar Design and Evaluation

  • Innovative Interior Designs
  • Surrogate Mechanical Engineering Services
  • Appraisals, Maximizing Residual Value and Disposition Assistance

Railway Management Systems and Standards

  • Management System Plans, Development, Maintenance, and Audits
  • Environmental Management System Plans, Development, Maintenance, and Audits
  • Safety Management System Plans, Development, Maintenance, and Audits
  • Implementation of International Standards
    • ISO 9000 - Quality Management
    • ISO 14000 - Environmental Management
    • OHSAS 18001/AS 4801 - Safety Management
    • ISO 3100 - Risk Management
  • Internal Audits and Compliance and Assistance Leading to Certification

Operations, Operations Planning, and Operations Training

  • Operating Rules Training and Testing
  • Schedule Development and Evaluation
  • The Route Learning System ™
    • Physical Characteristics Qualification (for crew certification and first responder familiarization)
    • Route Learning (comprehension, not rote memory)
    • Security, Safety, and Emergency Preparedness
  • Technical Writing (putting operating documents into plain English)
  • The Signal Learning System ™
    • Aspects & Indications
    • Restricted Speed
    • Dispatcher/Field Interface

Rail and Bus Transit Services

  • Customer Oriented Route and Service Planning
  • The Public-Private Interface
  • Passenger-Friendly Wayfinding and Schedule Information