Our Specialties

PTSI Transportation


Operations, Operations Planning, Operations Training

  • The Route Learning System™ for Physical Characteristics/route familiarization training
  • (see Route Learning Systemâ„¢ under Products and Services)

  • Schedule Development and Evaluation, using proprietary software
  • Operating Rules – training, review, development
  • Technical Writing (putting operating documents into understandable English)

On Board Service, Catering (Food & Beverage), Customer Service, Marketing

  • As part of joint venture On Board Specialists, all aspects of railway food and beverage service
  • including increasing revenue and satisfaction, assistance to caterers and suppliers, development and implementation of technology and service assets

  • Provision of Complete On Board Service for privately owned railcars and special movements
  • Audits of Customer-facing Service; Mystery Shopping
  • Audits of Wayfinding, Signage, Customer Information Provision
  • Development of and Guidance to Customer and Advocacy Groups
  • Service Planning and Market Research

Bus, Transit and Motor Coach Service

  • Customer-Oriented Route and Service Planning
  • Optimization of the Public-Private Interface
  • Branding and Valuation of Intangible Assets; Brand Outreach
  • Service Development Keyed to Market Generators and Segments
  • Integrated Fare and Market Plans

Railway Passenger Rolling Stock

  • High Level Specifications
  • Schedule Development and Evaluation
  • Appraisals; Optimization of Residual Value; Disposition Assistance

Transport Management Systems and Standards

  • Management System Plans, Development, Maintenance and Audits
  • Environmental and Safety System Plans
  • International Standards, Audits, Compliance, Assistance with Certification