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Transit and Motor Coach Experience and Expertise

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PTSI Transportation has extensive experience in transit and motor coach planning, operations, and service issues. This experience, like the firm itself, extends back over forty years, with the aggregate of the individual professionals bringing several hundred years of transit and motor coach work to bear.

Our Work for You Can Cover A Matrix of Possibilities:

Jurisdictional: our firm is able to provide services covering: metropolitan areas, states and counties, and local and special jurisdictions (and of course, to private carriers and companies).

Disciplines: we can provide expertise in: policy development, public outreach, planning, modeling, bid preparation and evaluation, route and system design, fare structures and collection, marketing and branding, customer service, training, and evaluation.

Modal and Intermodal: our work has included local transit, regional systems, intercity and luxury coach services, airport ground transportation, feeder and employer shuttles, park and ride service, rail feeders, intercity Thruway (rail connection) service, and all levels of bus rapid transit and limited stop services.


Representative Projects in Bus Transit and Motor Coach Service and Operations

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Summary of Team Members – Transit and Motor Coach Efforts

Theodore Ehrlich P.E. P.P.

Theodore Ehrlich has been a part of PTSI Transportation since its beginning. He serves as Senior Advisor for Transportation Service and Operations, and has been involved in numerous projects and planning throughout the years, primarily related to bus and transit efforts, for Connecticut Limousine, Carey Transportation, Liberty Lines, NJ Transit, and other carriers. Mr. Ehrlich has held various leadership transportation engineer positions for AECOM, Ebasco, Hudson Partnership, Urbitran Associates, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Urban Transportation Center of Washington, D.C., Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, and Edwards and Kelcey. He also taught at Manhattan College for some years, and operates an independent traffic engineering and planning consultancy.

Mayer Horn P.E., PTOE, PTP.

Mayer Horn serves as a Senior Advisor for Railway and Transit Service to PTSI Transportation, and has been assisting in various projects since 2008. He is also the Project Manager at Greater Jamaica Development Corporation Planning On-Call. Mr. Horn is a registered professional in three states and has over fifty years experience in the industry. He has held many supervisory positions in planning and project management to companies and projects such as CARE NY / Engel Burman Group, the Route 110 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study, the New York City Department of Transportation, the Hunts Point Produce Market Logistical Enhancement Study, NJ Transit, and many others. He is the former Vice President of Carey Transportation, at the time New York’s leading airport ground transportation provider.

John M. Reilly, Ph.D.

Dr. Reilly is Senior Advisor – Bus and Transit Operations. He is former Deputy Executive Director of Capital District Transportation Authority in Albany NY, and has been an independent consultant in mass transit and transportation planning and traffic engineering. He is in the New York State Public Transit Association Hall of Fame. Jack works with PTSI Transportation on numerous efforts related to bus operations in the New York metropolitan area, and has advised county and state transportation entities.

Joseph Schwieterman Ph.D.

Dr. Schwieterman heads the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development in DePaul University, Chicago IL. As such, he is perhaps the nation’s foremost scholar on intercity bus (and rail) passenger transportation, and is the author of many reports on the state of the industry, as well as several books on transportation and metropolitan subjects. Prior to becoming a professor, and teaching at DePaul University, he served United Airlines as a marketing/pricing officer. He has given Congressional testimony on transportation matters.

Patricia Chemka Speranza

Patricia (Patty) Chemka Speranza is PTSI Transportation’s Senior Advisor – Public Transportation. Prior to joining us, she served as Deputy Commissioner in the Department of Public Works and Transportation. At the Westchester County Department of Transportation, Ms. Speranza was also the Director of Planning and, before that, the Associate Planner/Planner at the Capital and Facilities Management Unit there. During this time, she acted as liaison with federal, state, and regional funding agencies, prepared the department’s annual Unified Planning Work Program, and reviewed local land use proposals. She presided over the Bee Line transit system, and its operating contracts.

Michael R. Weinman

Michael Weinman is the Managing Director of PTSI Transportation. A career rail passenger transportation professional, he founded this consultancy in 1972 and has brought together associates from several nations of the world to form a company specialized in train operations, equipment, marketing, on board and customer services, training, deluxe tour train operations, bus and transit services, and asset residual value optimization. Prior to PTSI Transportation, Mr. Weinman was one of Amtrak’s first operating officers, and before that, worked for New York Central Railroad and Penn Central Transportation Company and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. He holds three university degrees in passenger transportation.

John S. Wisniewski Esq.

Mr. Wisniewski is an attorney in Sayreville NJ. He is recently retired as Assemblyman of the State of New Jersey in which position he served for a dozen years as Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee. He is well known as a champion of the public transportation system as well as of the freight railroads of New Jersey, and has worked in urban and transportation matters for his entire political career. Following a run for Governor, he re-entered private practice and has advised PTSI Transportation since that time.

An Invitation for You and Your Staff

You are cordially invited to our office and research library in Rutherford NJ. We maintain comprehensive files on the bus operations of North America, and many in Europe and elsewhere, including route maps and timetables, historical service information, research reports, baseline modal comparisons, and considerable market and customer service data. In addition, you may view our Route Learning System™, used for training the operators of rail systems, and adaptable to fixed route bus and trolleybus transit services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information on our transit and motor coach capabilities

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About PTSI Transportation

With almost half a century of service to the railway and transportation industry, PTSI Transportation has found its market niche in areas not well served by other consultancies. For the railway and transit industries in particular, these include customer and on board service, marketing, operations training tools and management systems and standards. Rail passenger equipment and motor coach service and operations are additional specialties.

The heart of PTSI Transportation and its capabilities lies in its team of some 40 transportation professionals. The team has collective experience of about 1,500 years, and includes persons who have been out “on the ground and in the field” as well as those with doctoral degrees, and professional engineers and planners. We bring a multinational perspective with associates and advisors from Britain and Australia as well as the United States.

Our headquarters are centrally located in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, within sight of (and about twenty-five minutes from) the skyscrapers of Manhattan, with a bus stop at our front door.


A University Transportation Club field trip with some of our team as students

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NJ Transit MCI D4500CL Coach on route 190 stopping at PTSI Transportation headquarters