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Commuter Rail Fares

A Review and Comparison of Commuter Rail Fares in the United States and Canada

April 1, 2019

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Sounder - Photo by John Scala

Now, available for the first time, CRF is a subscription service that provides the current fare structure, including levels of fares, types of basic fares, and promotional fares, of every commuter rail service in the United States and Canada.

CRF is updated and distributed quarterly to all subscribers, and includes all fare increases or changes occurring on any commuter rail service in that period.

Please open this PDF file SampleCRF.pdf to see the following extracts from CRF:

  • Section A - Lists each of the commuter rail services included in the Report.

  • Section B - Lists the date and type of the last fare change made by each commuter rail service.

  • Section C - - Describes in detail all of the elements of the Report, including approach and methodology.

  • Section D - Compares the fare types sold by each commuter rail service. Included is the Summary Comparison of Fare Types, and Part 1 (Page 1) – the Comparison of Monthly Fare Types. Parts 2 through 5 (included in CRF) compare each of these other fare types: Weekly, 1 day pass, One Way and Annual Pass.

  • Section E - Compares the fare levels of each commuter rail service based on weighted average fares. Included is Part 1 – the Comparison of Monthly Fare Levels, listed first in (A) rail service order and then in (B) rate per mile order. Parts 2 through 5 (included in CRF) compare the same fare types listed in Section D above.

  • Section F - Contains a separate table presenting the detailed fare structure of each of the 46 commuter rail services in the United States and Canada.

Included are fare tables for the following rail services: ACE, GO Transit, Long Island Rail Road, SEPTA and Trinity Railway Express.


  • A subscription to CRF is the only practical and cost effective way to receive the current fare structure of every commuter rail service in the United States and Canada.

    (Alternatively, a rail service could hire a consultant or devote staff time to produce similar information, but the cost would be many, many times the cost of a subscription to CRF, and require a long delay instead of instant availability.)

  • CRF directly compares the major differences that exist between all commuter rail services in terms of fare types, fare levels, discounts and promotional fares. This enables the user to easily identify the fare structure elements of one rail service that may be considered for use by another rail service.